December 26, 2010

Christmas Style

We hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend! Peyton has a great first Christmas.  She would start to unwrap her presents but the paper just ended up in her mouth.

Let's start with Friday.  Peyton went with Daddy so she could get some Christmas shopping done.  Since it was Christmas Eve she kept it festive in this red sweater with a little doggie on it.  I lover this sweater!

Peyton got this sweater from Target for $8.  The black skinny pants are from Walmart for $3.50!  

For Christmas dinner at Grandmas Peyton shut it down with this grey and black sweater dress from Baby Gap.  This dress is from the Bleaker collection, its has a big collar with buttons. I actually caught it when it was on clearance for $20, org. $40.  The black tights were $3 from Target. Sorry for the bad pictures, they are from my camera phone. 

Peyton is looking like a little Halle Berry in dress.


  1. I REALLY like that red dog sweater on Peyton! *smile* She is a cutie pie, ma!
    Stay Blessed..

  2. My Daughter has the same red dog sweater from target, i couldnt walk past it, its adorale and we also have a miniature schnauzer that resembles the scottish terrier on the sweater


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