February 17, 2014

The Cold Shoulder

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!  Glad we didn't have any big plans for V-Day.  Just as I called it, Mister got the bug that Peyton and I had.  So the weekend was spent nursing him back to health.  Glad that's over!
Elephantano dress, Gilt | Peacoat, Joe Fresh | Boots, Baby Gap (similar) | Satchel c/o LoveMyAlannah | Turban, Cisagail

I intended on this look to be included in Peyton's Baby Fashion Week.  This is a street style inspired look.  We can't get enough of this LoveMyAlannah little satchel
Peyton wasn't feeling the coat over the shoulder look.  I, myself don't care for it either but I love the way it looks on others.  Tres Chic! 
Another cute turban from Cisagail!  What are we going to do when it gets warm and we can rock turbans anymore?  I'm sure I will come up with something.  

Are you a fan of the cold shoulder look?  Would you wear it?  I don't know what the term is for it but that is what I like to call it.  

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  1. Such a cute look; the bag and tights are my favorites.

  2. Loving this look! The turban and the pea coat are my fave. Too cute!


  3. Ok that's it Trina .... I'm having a girl this is this cutest thing ever love her style ... Btw I'm taking notes she's a diva

  4. I like the way it looks on red carpets. Not sure I could pull it off. I'm a fan of the turbans on P.

  5. she's so cuuute <3

  6. P is so beautiful! That smile in the last picture got me. She is killing the game with style though! I need that turban in an adult size. :-)

  7. Peyton is soooo adorable!! OMG!


  8. I can't with Peyton! She makes me so smile. Her modeling is SO on point! Love. Her.

  9. Absolutely the cutest little one ever!! xxx

  10. Ok, so I want to BE Peyton. She is rocking' that turban!!!!! And that jacket?? Geez, I need layering lessons.

  11. I love so many things about this, but the color coordination on this outfit is by far my favorite thing. Wish the outfit was adult sized!


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