February 26, 2014

Baby Shopaholic in Jet Magazine

I'm thrilled to let you guys know that ya girl (Me) is sharing her shopping tips in the current issue of Jet Magazine!  I can't believe it. I'm so grateful for the opportunity!
In this fabulous article written by Arionne Nettles, I'm sharing tips on how to ball on a budget!  Have you read this issue yet?  Make sure you pick up a copy.


  1. Yep I read it last week and totally agree with the "Count on Kids" tip. I've usually scored awesome sweaters and jackets for the next season for prices you just can't pass up. Congrats and many more blessing to you!

  2. Go Trina, Go Trina, Go!!!! Congrats lady. That big!

  3. I have to go pick it up!! Congratulations girl!!

  4. So awesome! Congrats dear!

    Brittany x


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