May 17, 2012

Shady Mama

Everyone should wear shades all year long, just not at night : )  Summer is fast approaching so it's time to make sure you are on your Eye Candy game!

Here are 3 styles that you must have for the summer!


Ray Ban Wayfarer
These are classic and look good on everyone.  Basic black ones are great but why not get some in a fun pattern or bold color.  Perfect when you are rocking a fedora with a maxi dress.

Cat Eye
Elizabeth and James Lafayett Cat Eye
The Tom Fords (which I love) may be a bit extreme for some.  So the Elizabeth and James are the perfect mix of oversize and cat eye.  These go with everything.  I would sport these when wearing a top bun. 


Aviators will NEVER go out of style so it is worth investing some money in a great pair (just don't sit on them).  Aviators look awesome with everything.  Always fun to wear a girly dress and rock it out with some aviators.

Are you on your eye candy game?  Which style is your favorite?  How many pair of sunglasses do you have in rotation for the summer?


  1. I wear my ray ban aviators everyday, I love them!! You met everyone in Chicago:)

  2. Huge fan of the Classic Aviators :).

    Mrs. Delightful

  3. I'm a sucker for the classics, so definitely, the Aviator

  4. Those Tom Fords are hot!! I need some aviator sunglasses!

  5. I love the cat-eye sunglasses! Aviator style don't fit on me :P

  6. I love the patterned Ray-Ban's but I'm a sucker for Aviators. I think I have two or three pair.

  7. I don't love the cat eyes style, but i LOVE the aviators and those top ones. v. cute! =) (by the way, stoppin' in from Bibs & Baubles today).

  8. Me too! Love aviators, especially brown ones! Time for a new pair!

  9. I bought Wayfarer Raybans in tortoise. Love them but I want some cat-eyes so bad!!

  10. Your all shades are beautiful and stylish one but I like most Cat Eye shades because these shades have a stunning look I have two shades of cat eye one from kerr drug optical rx sunglasses and second from Elizabeth and James Lafayett cat eye so best thing for me

  11. aviators :) got 3 pairs p:-


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