May 25, 2012

Play Clothes Shopping

Happy Friday!  Safe travels to everyone over this holiday weekend.  I will be chillin at home!  Can't wait!

I since our Chicago trip I have scaled back on the shopping for Peyton.  I know its only been 2 weeks but that is a long time in our world.  She needed some more play clothes for the summer.  I headed to my number 1 play clothing spots!  Walmart and Target!

I picked up these two cute summer tanks by Garanimals from Walmart for $2.44 each.  See Peyton already working one of the tops HERE!

Picked up two more for 4th of July festivites!

Then I hit up Target!
Found these cute khakis by Circo for $3.50

 Cute cotton skirt by Circo for $2.50
These shorts are right on point for the floral trend!  They were $2.50 as well.

I think we got a few good pieces for her to play in.  Where do you go for your child (ren) play clothing?


  1. Target does have the cutest kids clothes!! I don't have a Walmart here in Chicago.

  2. I LOVE Target for play clothes. I have a 5yr old son, so I have to have the best quality, but inexpensive play clothes and Target is the place. You should also check out Kohls. Those are the two main places I shop for play clothes.

  3. WOW! What cute pieces!! You are the queen of getting the good deals! I love Target for my baby boys clothes, but I never seem to get those awesome prices...

  4. I hope to just go to her upcoming birthday party and get some as gifts lol. But I know that's not happening. People love getting little girls frilly, pretty things... so TARGET it is.

  5. I have an almost 2 yrd old (June 1st) who is into EVERYTHING. So cheap play clothes is a must. And Walmart and Target is a must. *clears throat* she does have those floral shorts, lol.

  6. Great finds! I really love the Children's Place for t-shirts and leggings/shorts.

  7. Girl, I was in Target the other night & got Kay a hoodie for those cool summer nights for $3.50 and a ruffle front shirt for $5! Oh and don't sleep on Toys R Us. I got kay some 2 pieces outfits for $8 and some real cute shoes for $8 also!

  8. Shopping for girl baby clothes is soooo much fun! Got into so much trouble when my nieces were young! The shorts are adorable! Have a great weekend!!


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