December 23, 2011

Fashion Question Friday: Party Baby Boy

One of my bloggy girlfriends Alicia from Shaken Not Blurred had a question about what her 5 month old baby should wear to a birthday party.  

I suggested an outfit with layers.  Layers work great for two reasons.  One, because you may not know the enviorment, it could change from cold to hot.  Two, baby could have a blowout!  If baby has on a one piece suit then the whole outfit is ruined!  You can just switch out the pants.
Outfit via  This look screams ready to party!  Make sure you top it off with a cute bib.

This is Baby O's party look!  I just want to nibble on those cheeks!  Love it.  Mommy and I talked about the look the night before the party so she worked with what she had but mom did use layers.  Baby O looks so handsome and ready to party! 

Do you have a fashion, style, beauty questions for yourself or baby?  You can submit your question by leaving a comment with email or just email me at thebabyshopaholic at gmail


  1. you two have the cutest babies!!

    Have a Merry Merry Christmas!!

    Oh and I LOVE the earring from yesterday's post, they are amazing!!

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  3. Super cute!

    I have one: A friend is having a birthday celebration for her husband at her home. Should I keep I keep it simple and cute or go sophistacated and sexy?? What should I wear?

    Thanks T!

  4. Awww he looks Adorable! Great suggestions Trina!


  5. Super cute! Both outfits are cute as well!


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