December 19, 2011

Peyton's Weekend Style with Santa

Last week a few of my girlfriends and I took the kids to take pictures with Santa!  Since we are in Atlanta we had to take them to the "Real Black" Santa.  I find this so amazing, I went my whole life and never saw a Black Santa and last year I see the first one! LOL!
I must say Peyton did good!  At first she did want to sit on his lap until he gave her a sticker. 

Peyton is wearing an Old Navy dress and H&M boots.  Tights and hair bow are from Walmart.

Here is little Devon looking Ivy League with his argyle vest.
Big Bro Dillon sporting the prep look.
Sweet little Elijah and big bro John.
The Divas!  Lex and Peyton!
Devon is like get this wild woman off me!

Elijah is rocking True Religion jeans.

Here is our group photo! Hilarious!  But we will never forget it!  We joked just a few years ago we had group club pictures.  So we got a good work out taking the kids to see Santa. 

Did you take your kids to see Santa?


  1. Too cute! I've still never seen a Black Santa option around here! Xo

  2. You guys look like you had so much fun! Previous years I use to take our son to the mall to take pictures with Santa.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. If this isn't the best picture ever. Peyton's hair..oooo so pretty.

    You always engage in the best mom activities.

  4. So sweet! I wish we had a Black Santa in our town!

    We did go to the mall this weekend and Madison would not even look at Santa. Thank goodness since the line was wrapped around a few times!

  5. I think everyone looks so great. Look at all of the mommies and their darlings. My girl Peyton looks like a little diva, gorgeous as always. We have "Black Santa's" over here as well. But, yu even have Mrs. Clause. Too funny! :-)

  6. we went to see Santa and it was drama. The little man wasn't having it!!! The picture is uh, interesting!

  7. These pics are sooo fun! I particularly love the one of Peyton with black Santa and Mrs. Claus! I'm gonna need for Chase to see more images of Black Santa this holiday season, for real.

  8. Peyton is too adorable in her Santa pic! And I love her hair like that.

  9. This is cute. We only have Black Santa at the hood mall. I like the fact that you guys had Mrs. Claus too.

  10. I wish we could find a Black Santa here! Love that they included Mrs. Claus. That's really a great touch.

  11. Peyton looks like a doll, as always! The boys have never seen a live santa, neither did I as a child. At this point, I think they are over it :(

  12. We visit Santa but have yet to do it this year. I love that you found this Santa! Why army there more? Seriously!! Peyton is a doll as always. Beautiful group too. Happy Holidays!!

  13. what cuties! all the way around. Peyton looks fab as always.
    happy holidays!


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