November 12, 2014

Donut Bun Tutorial for Little Girls + Moms

You'll never understand the trials and tribulations of doing someone else's hair until you have a daughter.  By the fussing, whines and cries, you would think that you were trying to pull out teeth. I don't know how hairdressers do it!  I'm blessed that Peyton will sit and take hair combing like a champ.  It may hurt me more than it hurts her because of the fact if I don't do it, she would be looking a mess.  In case of an emergency, Mister is decent with her hair.  He is notorious for his two puff style.  It look a'ight.  Besides two puffs or twists, I keep trying to find fresh styles that are easy to do on Peyton's hair.  Her current favorite hair style is the donut bun aka ballerina bun.  You only need just enough hair to cover the donut to make this happen. 

Not all kids hair is built the same.  Looking at social media, you would think all little brown girls had massive amounts of perfect curls that they can wear all day and look perfect.  That isn't our reality.  Peyton's hair is soft and dry.  Even though we like to go au naturale, I like to have a go to style that will hold up for most of the day and still look fabulous.
In addition to your favorite moisturizer and edge control, you only need a few products.  You can find all these items at Target or grocery store.  I see donuts all over the place.  Even the Dollar Tree had them.  Make sure to use ouchless, fabric hair bands with no metal.  They help to lessen tangles and breakage.  I know I'm only showing a few hair pins but you will need a lot more than that.  I think I use at least 15 pins for Peyton's donut bun.  
1.  Brush or comb the hair to a high ponytail.  Peyton's hair works best when I dampen it just a little and add some moisturizer.  I also use gel or edge control to snatch those edges down.

2.  Secure the ponytail with hair band or hair tie.  Once you put the hair in a perfect pony tail, pull it through the donut.

3.  After the hair is pulled through the donut, I split the hair into to sides, one towards the front and one towards the back.  Do not worry about spreading the hair evenly over the donut.

4.  Start with the front portion and comb hair over the donut and smooth under with the tail part of the rat tail comb.  Again, you do not have to try and spread the hair over the donut, it will naturally cover the donut as you work your way around.  Going clockwise, I smooth and tuck going around the donut.  Think of it like you making a bed and tucking in the sheets.  Add enough hair pins the first time around to hold it in place.  Once you make it around once, go back and smooth a little more and add pins where needed.
I know this may look slightly intimidating but it's really not.  When you have time and not rushing, give this a style a try.  This style will work on all hair types, curly or straight, white or black.  I know it took me forever to get this tutorial together but it's just in time for the holidays.

What do you think?  Will you give this a try?  What is your go to style for your little girls?


  1. Love this style, but I need to find a Donut like that. I did my little girls hair with a sock and of course she had to let everyone we ran into know she had a sock on her head. lol

    1. LMAO this has me on the floor!

  2. So cute! If my hair was still long, I would give this a try. I pinned in hopes it will inspire others. ;-)

  3. Love this! I just saw a pic of Blue Ivy with this hair style.. too cute!

  4. Super cute and it looks easy to do. I wish Madi would sit still for me.

  5. Such a cute hairstyle on Peyton, I can't wait for my hair to get long enough to try this style!!

    Carsedra McKoy:

  6. P slayed this style better than Blue Ivy! Bloop! Love it.

  7. I have to try this with my daughter. I'm not sure if her hair is long enough though.

  8. The donuts come in the smallest sizes, smaller than P's. So it may work with the shortest lengths of hair. HM has many sizes and colors.


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